Galleywood Sign

Old School House (Now the Youth Centre)

An old picture of a race being started on Galleywood Common.


Time has been a little short for the launch of the web site to obtain and organise much of the history of the village.

However this is an old picture showing cows being walked past the White Bear into Skinners Lane(we will scan better versions of all these photos later!).

There are a few other old pictures below from Ron White, and we hope to include here some of the iteresting history of Galleywood.
There are some books about Galleywood - available in the Galleywood Library - one of which is by Christine Whybro.

By the way, does anybody know how many pubs there have been in Galleywood?

Fishing near the Church

St Michael's Church in the 60's

The Church has only been illuminated once